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We play boldly.  We value pragmatism. We feel inspired. Come on in, let’s play.

The Agency at Thrivable offers a catalyzing engine for people and projects creating the frameworks for the emerging transition. We recognize that shift is happening. We connect bridge builders to support them in bringing about transformation. We want our members to thrive so that their work can expand in the world during this time of tremendous flux.

We believe bridge builders can accelerate shift through three mechanisms:

  1. collaborative support on implementing transformational projects and businesses.
  2. opportunities to develop revenue streams to financially support passions.
  3. encouragement in co-learning and being amazing people and transformational leaders.

Are you building bridges into the next economy? Are you balancing between revenue and self-funding? Do you want to avoid the pitfalls of venture capital and philanthropic grants to do your work? Join us. Be a builder.

We offer Build, a small group laboratory, as a collaborative engagement space to explore together, share services with each other, and build tangible offerings to the larger network. Over time, our members can earn more in revenue than they pay for membership.

Want deep engagement to incubate your passion? Want to get greater clarity? Do you want to optimize your effectiveness? do you have an organization that wants to be part of the shift?

We can incubate and catalyze you. Incubate is a micro-retainer for thought partnership. Incubate offers a deep breakthrough-catalyzing opportunity for organizations and individuals who prefer the bespoke experience for direct practice and applicability.

This all sounds intriguing, but you don’t have a project? Want to stay connected and learn what we are doing and how? Easy! You can Explore.

We offer Explore, a paid weekly email, as a lightweight service to transition agents who want provocative questions and useful stories as we co-create the bridge to the new economy.

Do you consider yourself part of the field? Do you want a little dose of provocation to thrive? Sign up for our weekly updates to Inquire. We provide this weekly email to a broad network of change makers to keep the larger network stimulated and in dialogue on the transition before us.

Upcoming monthly themes:

  • Creative Perspectives.
    Get a different look at your situation or innovation. In March, we will explore tools for seeing your work, audience, clients and customers from views that will thrill and delight you. Great triggers for innovative thinking.
  • Collaboration Mixing Board.
    It is all the rage, and yet doing it might put you in a rage. For April, we explore the knobs and dials on the mixing board for collaboration.
  • Resilient Resources.
    While the glory seems to be in getting investment, how do we go about funding our work and gathering necessary resources. In May, let’s talk about developing the agility and adaptability to get things done.

Sign up for our weekly provocation, dig deeper with our Explore letter, build together with our Build Labs, or incubate yourself. We offer the level of service and engagement that fits your needs and resources.

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