We are all about agency. Your agency. Your power. Activation. Come and make your agency epic!

The Agency at Thrivable offers a vigorous accelerator to catalyze innovative people creating a more thrivable world.

Discovering my own agency and then making things that matter happen has been a challenge for me. I have broke through my stuckness, over and over, to discover more and more agency. I have jumped off metaphorical cliffs over and over. I have learned how to ask for help and pull together a pool of people with more talent and brilliance than my own. Most importantly,  I learned how to make it all a fun game. It is time now to help others do the same. Thus, The Agency.

At The Agency at Thrivable, we help you play your way to the epic win! We help people get things done with clarity and purpose.



Jean Russell is a facilitator, coach, speaker, and writer. Jean navigates clients through the crucial questions of creating and nurturing collaborators and networks to develop healthy and productive relationships.

Fast collaborations: a book in 90 days with 70 authors seen by 20,000 people. A viable business in 45 days. Productive collaborations.

As a founder of the thrivability movement and a premier expert on collective thriving, Jean speaks to and with change agents, innovators, builders, and edge-riders from Malmo to Melbourne, and London to San Francisco (the not-so-secret-hub of network culture). Demonstrating collaboration, she curated, “Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch” in 2010 with 70 inspiring people.

She currently writes passionately about “The Great Unfolding,” “Action Spectrum: Navigating a Shifting World,” and communication skills.

Her super-hero skill: amplifying the power of others around her and was thus dubbed “NurtureGirl” online.

At The Agency, we work with an incredible network of people across the globe, at the ready, to assist our clients, whatever their needs may be.


The Agency is the accelerator of Thrivable Inc.

Questions? See our FAQ. Want to talk with us? Email TheAgency at Thrivable dot net. or ask @Thrivable.

Catalyzed by Agent Jean Russell.

The Agency is advised by:


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