Credits and Gratitude

The Agency is a concept generated during a conversation with Pritha RaySircar reviewing the assets of Thrivable Inc and wondering what “might happen if?”

Thank you to Todd Hoskins for project management and tech advice, Kathryn Bottrell for design and programming, Herman Wagter for development of the model and structure, and Scott Albittron for “languaging” The Agency. Thank you to Cameron Burgess for strategy.

Thank you for early feedback on design and implementation: Christina Jordan, Christelle Van Ham, Cassie Robinson, Helene Finidori, Nathaniel James, and Christine Egger.

Thank you to our advisors:

Thrivable and the thrivability work build on an expansive network of hundreds of people. However, in particular, several champions have played vital roles that deserve special mention: Steve Crandall, Jerry Michalski, Leif Utne, Kevin Doyle Jones, Gil Friend, Nilofer Merchant, Tracy Gary, Valdis Krebs, Arthur Brock, David Hodgson, Chris Byrne, Napier Collyns, Kevin Clark, Evonne Heyning, as well as Lewis Hoffman and the folks at Grass Commons.

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    […] Everything I do involves the network of people drawn to the concept of thrivability. I love the Social Era! 

To pull together the work on this project so far, I am really grateful for: Pritha RaySircar, Todd Hoskins, Kathryn Bottrell, Herman Wagter, Christina Jordan, Bonnie Koenig, Cassie Robinson, Christelle Van Ham, Christopher Douglas, Nathaniel James, Christine Egger, Gil Friend, Jerry Michalski, and Art Brock. I can’t begin to list all of the people and conversations that got me here, but those are the most recent or significant contributors to this work. Explicitly, advisors who have signed on to help include: Nilofer Merchant, Kevin Doyle Jones, and Kevin Clark. Credits and gratitude listed here: […]

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