Personal Productivity Coaching


You want to have fun getting things done and living a more thrivable life.

We’ve all at least flashes of intense productivity. Some of us have even enjoyed longer streaks; flow-like states where time slips by without us noticing, leaving us with a pile of how-the-hell-did-I-pull-that-off win at our feet. Those moments give us an exhilarating taste for what’s possible, but it can leave the productivity process shrouded in mystery.

We’ve also all experienced the humbling experience of procrastination and irrational avoidance of work. We’ve fallen prey to drudgery of tasks that leave us feeling like we’re grinding against unbearable work. We squirmed with anxiety about how stuff isn’t getting done, and dread about what that will mean for us. It can feel utterly stifling.

When that happens, how can you get back to that myth-like productivity you glimpsed earlier?

Hack your own productivity culture. With Personal Productivity Coaching, we sit down together to discuss what “productivity” means to you. When and where have you worked best? What puts you in flow states – and why do you do what you do? We demystify your epic productivity process so you can replicate it.

From there, we figure out your natural drivers and design processes that fit your ways of working so that what you might call “work” today can feel a whole lot more like play tomorrow.

We’ll give you experienced; personal coaching that allows you to:
o   understand and transform what’s blocking you from getting things done
o   explore ways to break through or route around limiting habits and distractions
o   share deep active listening to your goals, gifts, resources, and drives
o   learn ways to enhance your actions with productivity tools and emotional skills

One of our clients called our experience “narrative therapy.” We think that fits well.

Culture is embedded in stories. When we change the stories you tell, we shift the culture you practice. We will use our time together to transform the stories you tell yourself – to unlock your talents and understand your drives so you can take powerful and clear action toward your goals. We aren’t going to force you to be someone you aren’t. We will, instead, help you shine by getting things done your way, with play.

All those feelings you have bundled up about how great you can be? You’re right about that.

Let’s talk and see what it will take to unleash you.

Contact us:

Thrivable at gmail

@thrivable on twitter

or call 312.725.2171 and leave a message.

Coaching typically runs around $150 an hour or $350 to $500 per month. Lets talk about your needs and set a price and service package adjusted to fit your requirements.

Time and Value

My goal was focus.  Jean showed me that I am not unfocused like I thought I was; my work and thinking habits and some of my responsibilities did not fit my focus.  She coached and supported some important re-wiring around these things. She taught me that vulnerability and invulnerability are an infinity loop you have to balance to survive the ride of transformation and the pressures of business. She pushes on weaknesses, which I appreciate.  We laugh a great deal and share information which I appreciate.

Given that I lead a small but growing business, the agency at thrivable taught me important principles for remaining grounded and gave me practical help in ferreting out and changing unhealthy relationship and belief patterns by respectfully calling BS on me if needed, sharing experiences and observations, remaining on the radar, reminding me of my goals, making connections.  The regular coaching was a helpful disruption – necessary to transformational learning.  Jean also has the business acumen and experience to advise across a spectrum of topics and situations relevant  to ODScore®.

My business has entered 2013 with an evolutionary plan, new funding, stronger partnerships with clients, and a great team and talent network.  I’d say that’s progress!
~ Christy Petit

Coaching typically runs around $150 an hour or $350 to $500 per month. Lets talk about your needs and set a price and service package adjusted to fit your requirements.

Time and Value

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