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If you’ve been able to read about our methods and who we are, you already know that we’re a little obsessed with getting teams past whatever blockage is holding them back.

Team Productivity Consulting is the most-involved, immersive service we offer towards getting our clients revved up to dream-like levels of productivity. Getting there does take some work – but the point is that work can feel like play, every step of the way.

Nobody notices how much they sweat in a water-balloon fight.

Once we agree to work together, we’ll come into your organization not as an outside observer, but as an integral part of your team. We delve in, up to our shoulders, hands deep in executing your business as you do today, so that we more-fully understand your culture, needs, and drivers. (We’ve been a part of many of start-ups, so know what it’s like to wear multiple hats and get stuff done.)

Then together, we will analyze, design, and implement new stories and processes where needed. All the while, we’ll be paying attention to how your team members prefer to interact – what motivates them to playful productivity, and what feels like drudgery to them.

Specifically, we work with you to:

  • assess current work process flow and design custom processes that work for your team dynamics
  • cultivate stories and practices of playful productive team culture
  • create or modify incentive structures for playful productivity.

It’s these last two of these that really set us apart as consultants, and will ultimately be responsible for the biggest improvements in your team. We know what it’s like to take sometimes-prickly team members, and transition with them to a system where they can enjoy work that compliments their natural drives. When we get to the other side of that, there’s this subtle recognition of it feeling nearly magical, and yet completely normal.

Once new systems run playfully, we make sure that we transfer all capacity and productive systems over to your team. We’ll stay embedded just long enough to make sure the new productivity playfulness feels addictively fun – and then we’ll bow out.

We want you to head in to work in the morning with the certainty that every day will feel like a productivity montage from an 80’s movie – hard, playful work with an amazing team rolled into jaw-dropping productivity that makes you excited to come back for more.

We can’t wait to see what monsters you destroy.

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Have fun. Get it Done. Game on \o/

 Jean’s been a lifesaver for our NGO startup. Her interventions and coaching helped us survive staff changes, test strategies for building our organization’s financial health, and turn *ad hoc* work into defined workflows we manage. Perhaps her greatest accomplishment was helping two leaders with vastly different communication and work styles learn to adjust and accommodate each other.

Jean’s a rare and joyous talent, with adroit social skills, an analytic and critical thinker, and a friendly, blatfarb-free attitude. Her playful humor, self-awareness and integrity encourages her clients to live likewise. We’re eager to get on her schedule again.

– Phil Wolff, strategy director, Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium.


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