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Have you ever met an accountant that loved his job? I have.

It was almost unseemly how unabashedly his eyes lit up when he talked about his love of crunching numbers and using pivot tables. Something that seemed like drudgery to most of us was pure, unadulterated joy to him – and it made him amazing at what he did. Spreadsheets to him were like an Xbox in a teenager’s hands. It meant playful hours of joy.

The embarrassing part for us is admitting that we’re just as cornily obsessed – but with teams, game/playfulness design and productivity. It’s constantly on our minds. We’ve studied and helped so many types of teams that we’ve gained insights that burst open our minds (and our clients’ productivity) and made us want to go back for more. We’re addicted.

The biggest insight we’ve discovered is that having the right productivity tools matter – a lot.

But not as much as team culture.

Hacking a culture of productivity for your team enables them to use the tools effectively. Make sure that each member sees the strengths of their other teammates, and knows how to inspire the best in them. When teams can do that, they pull off ridiculously impressive projects – all while having fun. I know that might sound weird to you right now, but working really does end up feeling like nearly pure play when your team develops a playful productive culture.

And we can get your team to that point. It’s what we do – what we’re playfully obsessed with – and it will bring out the best in your team.

Our methods blend gamification, project management, organizational development, social network theory, and — not just latest gimmick from latest neurosci article — but years worth of behavioral study in the wild. We have been applying what we learn about motivation through coaching and team member mediation for a decade.

We want you to be productive your way. Our services improve your work system effectiveness by shifting stories, tying actions to drivers, creating clear triggers and tracking systems. We make it as easy and intuitive as we can, so you and your team hit flow states of effectiveness. We mix up the soft stuff of interpersonal and group dynamics with the hard stuff of tools and processes for a mashup culture hack that gets stuff done.

Some call it “Jean magic.”

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