Time is precious. You want a viable project implemented now. You have resource limits. And sometimes you feel stuck? 

Get momentum on your efforts through a structured process that saves you time, money, and energy. Access experienced and vetted peer support from people who share your passion for a more thrivable world.

Accelerate your trajectory. We offer Build, a small group collaboratory to build a more thrivable world together. As part of the Build at The Agency, you receive:

  • Weekly “Scrum” calls to name your challenges and get to solutions
  • Peer support and outcome-driven coaching
  • Theme-based worksheets and learning resources
  • The weekly Explore letter

Questions? See our FAQ. Want to talk with us? Email TheAgency at Thrivable dot net. or ask @Thrivable.

Limited to 6 Builders per group so you get the attention you need.

Our second offering is limited to the first 6 people who qualify before April 5.

3 month commitment required: our experience shows that results take a solid effort over time.

Investing in your worth takes guts. “Pay What You Are Worth” is our way of enrolling you in your own empowerment. For our March session, we invite you, as a first step, to use pricing this purchase as an exercise in self-valuation. Consider your Big Sky Value. Consider your wallet. Find a your stretch point. This is where your rise begins!

Why this pricing approach? Because this is a bold experimental place. Let’s see what we learn together. Suggested range is between $50 and $125 per month.

When you click Join, we will take you to paypal to complete your transaction.

Don’t use paypal? Email TheAgency at Thrivable dot net to pay with other methods.

We will refund any applicants that do not meet our standards or surpass our limited availability.

Upcoming monthly themes:

  • Creative Perspectives.
    Get a different look at your situation or innovation. In March, we explored tools for seeing your work, audience, clients and customers from views that will thrill and delight you. Great triggers for innovative thinking.
  • Collaboration Mixing Board.
    It is all the rage, and yet doing it might put you in a rage. For April, we explore the knobs and dials on the mixing board for collaboration.
  • Resilient Resources.
    While the glory seems to be in getting investment, how do we go about funding our work and gathering necessary resources. In May, let’s talk about developing the agility and adaptability to get things done.

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