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Productivity and Serendipity

Jean look

Kinds of Work Time I have been having a dialogue with Dorian Taylor. He suggested that manager time – where you take meetings by the hour – can eat into maker time for those who need long sessions of focus time. It has really got me thinking about the different kinds of activities and the …

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10 Ways to Improve Your Productivity and Strengthen Self Discipline

You make the plan for productivity with the best intentions. You get started, bursting with enthusiasm. And all too soon you are behind schedule. Sound familiar? I have been through this cycle countless times. So I found ways around it. One thing I learned quickly was that forcing myself didn’t work. Now I know why. …

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Do you work alone a lot? Do you work better when there is a social connection to someone else in the mix of what you do? Do you have that common bad habit of procrastinating? I might have a solution that is super simple and fun for you. It is fun for me! But you …

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Productivity Recovery

Ever notice that you slump in your productivity right after a big project completes? You should be elated, right? Or building on the success, but your system seems to crash instead? Ever finish a big win and feel pretty depressed shortly thereafter? But you didn’t want to tell anyone when they were busy congratulating you?* …

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Play to Your Pace

I am working on some new offerings for 2013. The series will be called Play Your Way to (followed by whatever that month is helping you to achieve). The series will include things like Play Your Way to a Collaborative Writing Project, or Play Your Way to New Habits, or Play Your Way to Crowdfunding. …

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