SCRUM March 1

SCRUM is part of Agile Methodology for software development. We are hacking it for our purposes here. Rapid fire, on our weekly checkin, we will each share:

  • Done – What have you done that matters?
  • Aim – Name 1-3 goals for the week
  • Challenge – What challenges you on your path to an Epic Win?
  • Ask – How can we help you? Connection, action, or partnership?

Put your answers to these questions in the comments below, so we can all see during our checkin.


Jean Russsell

Done: sent welcome packet, researched amazon ebook, emailed champions

Aim: send email for Agency, Finish reviving LEAD booklet, Breakthroughs revisions part 2.

Challenge: LEAD booklet, once written, needs good design and advice on ebook process. Napier and John on my back to get the book edits done – how do I fit that in the schedule?

Ask – help me be accountable for getting the writing out, advice on booklet design or process

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