Collaboration Improv

Collaboration doesn’t have easy replicable recipes for success. People are involved. The answers aren’t known. It is a complex adaptive learning system. Emergence happens. So we don’t know how to adjust those knobs and dials of the collaboration mixing board in precise ways. We can know some principles to act on, just like Improv does. Then, what we then make together and how we make it can be dynamically designed.

Are you using some of these improv rules in your collaboration:

  • Don’t deny. If we reject what someone else offers, we aren’t building together. Use the “yes, and” to qualify or add on to what someone else offers.
  • You can look good if you make your partner look good. Work for the whole and your credit comes back to you.
  • Have Fun. Having fun increases play and creativity as well as being attractive and magnetic.
  • Trust. Improv takes a lot of trust. So does collaboration. Someone has to trust first. Let it be you.
  • There are no mistakes, only opportunities. Transform everything that happens into feedback loops to make things better.

How do you use improv and play in your collaborations?

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